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Planning on going to Mexico? Than you’ll need to get car insurance for Mexico! You might not be aware, but the majority of insurance policies issued in the United States will not cover you in Mexico. A lot of Americans are unfortunately surprised to find that their American insurance will not pay anything for accidents in Mexico. So before you drive down to Mexico we highly recommend calling your insurance company and seeing if you’re covered.

If you’re not covered that doesn’t mean you need to buy Mexican car insurance; companies in the U.S are more than willing to sell you car insurance for Mexico.

Tips for driving & buying car insurance for Mexico

Before you buy car insurance for your Mexican getaway there’s a few things you should know. Here’s a list:

In case of accidents, ask if will you be covered in Pesos or Dollars. Some insurance companies will only pay out damages in Peso’s. This can be a pretty big deal, since the exchange rate is constantly changing!

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Ask if you’re covered for theft and vandalism. Some insurance policies will surprisingly not cover theft!car insurance for mexico

Make sure your insurance is licensed in Mexico. A lot of car insurance companies will sell insurance for Mexico, but not be licensed in Mexico. If your insurance is not licensed in Mexico, you will not be legally covered.

Bail Bond insurance. If your driving in Mexico and get into a serious accident you may be jailed. It’s important to make sure that your insurance company covers bail bonds, or you may find yourself spending time in jail waiting for trial.

In case of an accident it’s important that you make your claim in Mexico. If you wait to make a claim when you’re back in the states it will be invalid. A lot of people like to finish their Mexican vacation before dealing with insurance companies, but unfortunately you will need to interrupt your vacation and deal with insurance companies no matter how minor an accident you get into.

Don’t pick the cheapest company. Not all insurance companies are created equal. We highly recommend comparing multiple insurance companies, and reading reviews. This is especially important if you buy insurance directly from a car insurance company in Mexico. Mexican insurance companies level of service is nowhere near the level you receive in the United States.

How to get cheap auto insurance for Mexico

Compare as may car insurance companies in as possible. You can use our free insurance tool above to find and compare insurance companies. Most of the insurance companies in our database offer insurance for Mexico.

Don’t buy more coverage than you need. Most car insurance you buy for Mexico will be for 1 day, 7 days, 14 days or 1 month. Don’t buy coverage for extra days if you don’t need it. Buying extra coverage if you need it while in Mexico is not hard, so don’t worry too much about over staying and not being covered.

Ask if your eligible for discounts. Just like regular car insurance, you may be eligible for discounts. We recommend reading our guide here: How to get cheap car insurance.

Bundle your health and car insurance. If you’re buying car insurance for Mexico, you’ll probably need to buy extra coverage for your health insurance. A lot of insurance companies will give you a discount for buying both.

That’s it! If you follow the advice above you should have no trouble finding great deals on Mexican car insurance. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article, if so please rate it below!


Mexico Car Insurance
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