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Finding Car Insurance Near Me

We help you find the best local car insurance near you. Enter your zip code above to find local auto insurance companies near you!

When you want to find the least expensive car insurance from legitimate companies you should locate the agents closest to your home. Since some companies use dedicated agents, like Allstate, or have no local agents, depending on where you live, it could be easy or more challenging to shop around for the best price.

Who has the cheapest auto insurance?

The key is to compare as many insurance companies as possible; if you want to find cheap car insurance near you.  You can get quotes from most auto insurance agents near you by searching the using our quotes tool above. Most insurance companies, which may or may not be physically near you, will offer to quote on your auto insurance needs, the rate structure will depend on your zip code and insurance requirements.

Independent agents may or may not offer the lowest premiums. However, if you keep shopping around, you will find cheap prices for auto insurance companies near you. Some insurers are now ‘Net-only insurance companies, e.g., Esurance, but this one is affiliated with Allstate, so it has major company support.

What Coverage Do You Want?

When you shop for car insurance near by, the coverage you want will impact the premiums you’re quoted. Why? Some insurance companies may have excellent claims results with liability coverage, but not great results for collision and/or comprehensive claims. Therefore, their liability rates and premiums may be quite reasonable, while their premiums for collision, theft, and comprehensive coverage are higher than average.

Be sure to compare each quote for each type of coverage you want from the various insurance companies you shop. Depending on your residence state and driving record, you may identify differences in premium quotes for the specific coverage you want. If you purchased your vehicle with an auto loan – and it’s still outstanding – you will probably need to carry full coverage on your vehicle, including collision and comprehensive, including theft.

Which Car Insurance Companies are Near Me?

By doing entering your zip code above you can find many types of auto insurance companies near you. Your search will probably return more insurance agents near by than companies, as insurance companies typically are listed by their home office, e.g., New York, than listing in what states they write car insurance. But, you can also find out which companies offer auto insurance in your state, too.

How to Find Auto Insurance that Saves You Money

A most common question: How can I find car insurance agents near me that can save me money? Do you know what to do to save money once you find a nearby auto insurance agent? Here are a few tips to save money on your car insurance premiums.

  • A major component of your shopping search should be looking for discounts. If discounts are not posted, don’t be shy, blatantly ask for them. For example, if you want to insure multiple vehicles, you should qualify for a “multi-car discount.” Suppose you now work from home 4 days per week, only visiting your workplace one day each week by subway or bus. Ask if you qualify for a “low-mileage discount.”
  • Examine your current coverage limits and analyze your deductible amounts. Do not lower your coverage limits and increase your deductible levels just to save premium money. If you have a significant claim and learn you’re not covered for most or all of the loss or have increased your deductible to an amount you cannot afford to pay, you’ll be very sorry you reduced your coverage to put your assets, e.g., your home, at risk. We recommend checking our our guide on full coverage car insurance for more information,
  • Report major life changes that may save you money. Some life events can mean cheaper vehicle insurance. For example, some insurance companies offer lower rates for married couples or you have attracted a formal domestic partner. Or, you’re now taking public transportation, e.g., trains, subways or buses, to your workplace daily so you won’t risk a car accident with a long commute.

Auto Insurance Companies Near Me

Finding auto insurance companies near you is a goal of many people regardless of their financial situation. Often, your search will return no major companies based in your state. Don’t worry. Probably, numerous national companies offer auto insurance in your local area.

You should find websites that offer free quotes for car insurance and lists of either independent agents that represent the companies you prefer, or local offices of major car insurers, which also are staffed by knowledgeable, licensed agents.

You’ll find, during your shopping search, a few of the cheapest car insurance companies in each state.  Find your state and check those listings first. But, don’t stop there. Often, when you list the coverage you want, you may find lower rates from companies not listed in the “cheapest lists” you find in your initial search.

Your Rates Also Are Dependent on the Make and Model of Your Vehicle

The make and model of your car or truck impacts your premium rates as much as your state’s insurance max rates. For example, a late model Chevrolet Corvette will cost you more to insure than a Ford Fusion 4-door sedan. Why?

The Corvette has a fiberglass body (expensive to repair after an accident) and they are more subject to theft, than all 4-door sedans, regardless of cost. Speaking of cost, a luxury car also is more costly to insure than a basic sedan. These higher premiums are vehicle-specific and have little impact on whether you find an insurance company with a local office or independent agent near you.

Often, you’ll find that USAA is the least costly insurer in your state, but be aware that this company is only available to active military members or veterans and their families. Even USAA members may not eligible for company auto insurance coverage, since this insurer does not offer car insurance in all 50 states.

Sports cars are more expensive to insure than most sedans, even luxury sedans. Sports cars typically are involved in more accidents than even upscale sedans, e.g., Mercedes Benz; therefore, sports cars often experience more claims – and more expense — than even high-end sedans. If you need insurance without a deposit, check out our page on very cheap no deposit car insurance.


Your residence state and the type(s) of auto you want to insure have a greater impact on what you pay for car insurance than finding a local company or agent. However, your local agent, whether independent or company-employed, is an expert on your state regulations. Therefore, it is important you find a local agent auto insurance professional near you.

The key factor is that you shop around for the lowest premium for the coverage you want and need. Many people believe that all rates are the same, since state regulators set maximum rates for companies licensed in your state. Your official driving record will influence the premiums you pay for identical car insurance coverage.

You can shop from the convenience of your home or office thanks to the Internet. This time- and money-saving practice saves you money when you settle on a company and local agent, after conducting your search. Most major companies allow you to request a quote online; you only need to talk with the agents or companies who have provided you with quotes that meet your budget.

Remember to examine the financial stability of any insurance company. Find a company with strong financial resources, as this will be important if you need to file a claim. Examine the company’s consumer ratings for outstanding customer service, as this will be as vital as financial stability when you file claims.

If you’ve filed few or no claims in the past five years or so (depending on the insurance company), you may qualify for a “good driver discount,” which may save you considerable premium money. Typically, if you insure more than one vehicle or bundle your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance coverage, you’ll qualify for another discount.