How much is car insurance per month?

We frequently get asked questions similar to this:

  1. How much does car insurance cost per month?
  2. How much should I pay for car insurance?
  3. How much do you pay for car insurance?

I really wish I could give you an easy answer, unfortunately there are no easy answers. How much you pay for car insurance is going to depend on a lot of factors such as:

  • Your age (Teenagers can expect to pay much more)
  • Your gender ( Men pay more than woman)
  • Your driving experience
  • Your car
  • Your location (City vs rural)
  • Your coveragehow much?

The list above is just the bare minimum that’s considered when calculating your auto insurance. A lot more goes into calculating how much you’ll pay for car insurance, such as:

  • Your credit score
  • If you’ve had a bankruptcy before

To make things even more complex and confusing companies calculate your insurance rates differently. The majority of insurance company use the factors above to calculate your rates, but they weigh them differently.

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For example : company A may give more importance to your driving experience, while company B may care more about your location.

There’s really nothing you can do to change how companies calculate their rates. That’s why I always recommend you get multiple quotes from as many companies as you can.

Getting multiple quotes is the easiest way to get the best price.

Okay, so now that I’ve talked about how you car insurance is calculated, let’s talk about how much you can expect to pay.

The numbers below are the average car insurance rates by state. Before you look at the numbers and get disappointed or happy keep this in mind: every situation and person is unique. The only way to know if you’re truly overpaying or underpaying is to get a quote! So get a quote regardless of the data below.

Car insurance rates by state

State Monthly Rate Annual Rate
Michigan $251 $3,012
West Virginia $248 $2,976
Georgia $221 $2,652
Rhode Island $206 $2,472
Montana $206 $2,472
Louisiana $202 $2,424
California $201 $2,412
New Jersey $197 $2,364
Florida $191 $2,292
Maryland $189 $2,268
North Dakota $181 $2,172
Connecticut $175 $2,100
Texas $173 $2,076
Alaska $172 $2,064
Massachusetts $172 $2,064
Delaware $170 $2,040
Oklahoma $169 $2,028
Colorado $168 $2,016
South Dakota $168 $2,016
Wyoming $166 $1,992
Alabama $165 $1,980
Kentucky $163 $1,956
Washington $163 $1,956
Pennsylvania $158 $1,896
Hawaii $155 $1,860
Arkansas $155 $1,860
Tennessee $154 $1,848
Nevada $154 $1,848
Mississippi $153 $1,836
New Mexico $152 $1,824
Illinois $152 $1,824
Minnesota $151 $1,812
Kansas $151 $1,812
Oregon $149 $1,788
Nebraska $148 $1,776
South Carolina $147 $1,764
Arizona $140 $1,680
Missouri $139 $1,668
Indiana $138 $1,656
Utah $137 $1,644
New York $136 $1,632
Vermont $134 $1,608
Virginia $131 $1,572
Wisconin $129 $1,548
North Carolina $121 $1,452
Iowa $126 $1,512
Idaho $120 $1,440
New Hampshire $120 $1,440
Maine $118 $1,416
Ohio $115 $1,380


It’s extremely hard to get data on a state level, but on the city level it’s even harder. While data at a state level may be of some help, you shouldn’t give it too much credence.

What city you live in will have a big impact on your insurance rates. If you live in bigger city you can expect to pay more than if you live in a smaller city. This rule applies for 99% of situations, but you may be in the 1%.

How much should I pay for car insurance?

As much as you need, and as much as you have too. Car insurance isn’t optional, it’s required by law in every state. So if you’re planning on driving you will need insurance.

The only thing you can control is how much coverage you want. The more coverage you need the more you can expect to pay. While you might be tempted to get the minimum coverage possible, I wouldn’t recommend it for most people.

Insufficient coverage can cost you big time; especially if something medical related happens, or if you get sued. You can easily lose all your savings in one unfortunate event.

How much coverage you need is something you should talk with an insurance agent or financial planner about, since there is no right answer.

Are you overpaying for car insurance?

The only way to know if you’re overpaying for car insurance is to get a quote. One of the things we do often at autoinsurancemonkey is tell people to get car insurance quotes, the more the better.

Since the only true way to know if you’re overpaying or underpaying is to see if you can get a better deal, or if you somehow manage to snag an awesome deal from an insurance company (most people haven’t!).

You can use our quotes tool above to compare insurance companies in your area.

How much do you pay for car insurance?

If you’re reading this article we’d love for you to share how much you pay for your auto insurance. To help everyone out, please try to include at least:

  • Your state/city
  • Coverage level
  • Car
  • Driving experience
  • How much you pay for car insurance monthly

The more you share the better. We also have a great article on who has the cheapest auto insurance, which has some great tips on how you can save money on car insurance. If you’re thinking of driving without car insurance, don’t!

How much is car insurance per month?
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