Car Insurance Without a License

I get asked this more often than I would expect: can I get car insurance without a license?

Short answer is yes, you can. If you don’t have a license you can get car insurance. Okay, so that really was a short answer, let me expand a bit.

If you haven’t got a license yet you might be thinking why do I need car insurance? Well there’s a few reasons, here’s the most obvious:

  1. You own a car that you want to protect. An example would be from theft, or from acts of God such as hail storms.

This is often referred to as Non-Operational Coverage (NOC). Buying NOC is often done when someone has their license suspended but still has a car that needs coverage.

buyinginsurancewithnolicenseIf you’re looking for no license car insurance quotes you can use our quotes tool above to find and compare local companies in your area.

So while a license isn’t required to buy auto insurance, it doesn’t make much sense to buy it unless you meet very specific circumstances.

If you have a license, but don’t own a car you’ll need to look into something called non owner car insurance.

Does not having a license affect my insurance premiums?

No. Getting car insurance without a license shouldn’t affect your premiums, since you’re only covering possible damage to your car. Not having a license won’t affect you since you’re not driving.

I had my license revoked can I get insurance?

YES! If you’ve had your license revoked you can still buy insurance. The insurance you buy will be to protect your car from theft and acts of God.

In many situations when you’ve had your driving license revoked and want to get it back the DMV requires you to purchase insurance. To buy insurance in this case you’ll need to show papers that your license revocation is ending its term. How and what you need to show to your insurance company will depend on your state. You can find out more by visiting your local DMV.

Most insurance companies will have no problem selling you insurance, although some may decide not to sell you car insurance. You can use our quotes tool above to find companies that sell car insurance to people who’ve had their license revoked. Before you look for quotes, here’s a great read on how you can find companies with cheap auto insurance: Who has the cheapest auto insurance.

Car insurance for people moving to the United States

If you’ve moving from another country you won’t have a driver’s license in the United States, you will still need to have car insurance. Depending on your country and length of stay the type of coverage you get will differ.

If you’re coming to the United States for a vacation and will be using a rental car you should have no problems buying short-term insurance (Usually through the car rental company).

For people moving long-term the situation becomes more complex. We recommend you call an insurance agent and talk with them about options available to you.

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