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Get The Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance

Don’t want to waste your time reading everything below? Just want to compare some insurance quotes? Use our free quotes tool above to compare car insurance companies. Find cheap full coverage car insurance quotes in 5 – 10 minutes by comparing dozens of local and international insurance companies.

Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance

[intense_table columns=”Insurer,Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance For,Average Price” data=”State Farm,Safe Drivers,$139 Monthly,Geico,Average Person,$172 Monthly,USAA,Military Personnel,$111 Monthly,All State,Infrequent Drivers,$121 Monthly”]

The prices for full coverage insurance above are an estimate at best. Calculating how much you’ll pay for full coverage car insurance is far too complex without the proper information, that’s why we highly recommend getting a quote directly from each company. There are far to many variables for an accurate estimate otherwise!

What is full coverage car insurance?cheap full coverage car insurance

Full coverage auto insurance is a term some people refer to auto insurance coverage that covers “everything”. While there is no car insurance which covers everything, there is types of insurance that have very high coverage and are very versatile. We recommend using our auto insurance search engine above to compare rates and coverage among the biggest auto insurance companies.

Where can I buy full coverage auto insurance?

Anywhere. Most insurance companies sell full coverage car insurance, so finding it isn’t difficult. Finding cheap full coverage car insurance on the other hand is much harder.The trick to finding cheap full coverage insurance is price shopping! While that may not be fun, it works. Full coverage insurance rates vary wildly, so that one way to find a good deal is to do get as many quotes as you can. We always recommend comparing at least 3-4 companies. More if possible. If you want to quickly compare insurance companies you can use our quotes tool above; all we need is your zip code.

The cost of full coverage auto insurance will depend on a lot of a few things such as; what you want to cover, and how much coverage you need. Full coverage auto insurance plans usually vary in costs wildly depending on what the person buying the coverage wants to cover the most, and how much coverage they need. In general you can expect to pay twice as much for full coverage insurance versus regular car insurance.

Who has the cheapest auto insurance?

full-coverage-car-insuranceIt depends on a lot of factors; like your state, city, driving experience, car and more. We recommend comparing multiple insurance companies and seeing who offers you the best deal. You can use our comparison tool above, just enter in your zip code.

Is full coverage insurance right for you?

If you’re a young driver, or driving an older car full coverage insurance might not be right for you. In general getting “full coverage insurance” is pricey, and not necessary for most people. If you have a good medical insurance plan and liability insurance, ( You run your own company) then getting full coverage insurance is not necessary. If you’re a young driver full coverage insurance will most likely be far too expensive for you, ($600+ a month) especially if you are a male. Full coverage auto insurance offers the best bang for the buck for people driving a new luxury car, who are not self employed.

Here’s a few tips to get the cheapest full coverage auto insurance

1) Combine your insurance providers. Combing your health insurance, home insurance and auto insurance is the best way to save money, and time. By combining your insurance providers you can easily save 10-20% a year on all of your insurance costs.

2) Take a defensive driving course. Many states will give you a car insurance discount for taking and passing a defensive driving course. People who take and pass such a course are generally safer drivers and because of this insurance companies will lower your premiums.

3) Compare as many insurance providers as you can. The more insurance companies you compare the better chance of finding a cheaper rate you have. Our insurance quotes tool above will help you compare the top 6-12 insurance companies in your state. So give it a try.

4) Raise your deductible. If you raise your deductible the cost of a full coverage insurance plan will go down drastically. Even raising your deductible by $500 can make a significant dent in your monthly premium payments.

5) Decrease your coverage. Everyone likes to feel safe, and buying more coverage definitely makes you feel safer. You may not need as much coverage as you think you do. That’s why we recommend buying only as much coverage as you need! Don’t spend more money on car insurance than you have to.

If you’ve decided that full coverage car insurance is right for you, and want to get the cheapest full coverage auto insurance you can use our quotes tool above to compare the major insurance companies in your state. Remember to compare as many companies as you can, the more companies you compare the better savings you’ll get. Want a better car insurance estimate?

How to get the cheapest car insurancecheapest full coverage car insurance

Following the tips above is the best way to get cheap full coverage car insurance. There is not secrets, or short cuts. We highly recommend comparing as many insurance companies as you can. This is a proven method to save money, and probably requires the least amount of work as well! Compare and save money, it’s that simple. All other factors that go into deciding how much you’ll pay for car insurance are negligible compared.


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