Who Has The Cheapest Auto Insurance?

Who Has The Cheapest Auto Insurance Near You?

Who has the cheapest auto insurance?
Who has the cheapest auto insurance?

Who has the cheapest Auto insurance? That’s a good question, but without a good answer. Who has the cheapest auto insurance will depend on many factors.

Who has the cheapest car insurance will depend on hundreds of factors big and small. Such as:

  • Your age
  • Gender
  • Driving experience
  • Location
  • Car model
  • Amount of coverage you want

The list goes on and on; but the factors above are the main determinants in figuring out how much car insurance is going to cost you. Unfortunately for you there’s not much you can do about your age, gender or driving experience. Fortunately for you I have some tips on how you can pay less for car insurance.

Which car insurance is the cheapest?

Geico generally has the cheapest car insurance for regular drivers at around $140 a month. One way to make your car insurance cheaper is by buying no deposit car insurance, or reducing your coverage.


Which cars are the cheapest to insure?

Generally non-sports cars, with high safety features and a price under <$25,000 are the cheapest cars to insure.


How To Find Who Has The Cheapest Auto Insurance

  1. Compare as many insurance companies as you possibly can. Most insurance companies have their own special way of determining premiums, by going to multiple companies you can find the company that provides the protection you want at a price you can afford!
  2. Bundle up. Combine your health, life and auto insurance and you can see rates fall on all three! Contact your insurance company and see what they offer you.
  3. Loyalty is not always rewarded. Sometimes you insurance company just grows used to having you around, and starts overcharging you slowly. LEAVE! A lot of companies offer huge discounts for the first year of insurance, since people generally don’t switch companies. Switch often and you can save big.
  4. Are you a good driver? Prove it. Get certified from a defensive driving school and you can have you premiums decreased significantly. Make sure that the driving school you attend is state certified. Not insurance companies will offer a discount, so call them and ask before you take a course. Some states like New Jersey force companies to offer discounts. Good job New Jersey!
  5. Raise your deductible. Would you rather pay more monthly, or pay more in case of an accident? Raising your deductible is a good way to lower your monthly costs, but you should save some of the money in case if an accident. A lot of people like paying less, but don’t adequately save to cover costs for when an accident does occur.
  6. Have good credit. Poor credit isn’t good, especially since you’ll end up paying more for car insurance. Insurance companies use credit scores to help figure out how good of a driver you are, and how likely you are to miss payments!
  7. Ask for a discount. You’d be surprised how much people are eligible for discounts their not even aware of. Ask your insurance agent if your eligible for a discount and find out!

 Which Companies Have The Cheapest Auto Insurance?

[intense_table id=”insurance info” columns=”Insurer,Who Has The Cheapest Auto Insurance For,Average Price” data=”Geico,Average Person,$140 monthly,USAA,Driver in Military, $83 monthly,State Farm ,Best for safe drivers,$110 monthly,All State,Best for low mileage drivers,$92 monthly” heading_background_color=”#fcd53a” heading_font_color=”primary”]

Here’s a full list of auto insurance companies in the United States


Insurance Questions, We Get a Lot!

How do I pick an auto insurance company?

The best way to decide which auto insurance company is right for you is to get an online quote. We recommend getting a few quotes, then calling the insurance company and seeing if there’s anything they can do to give you a better price. A lot of people fill in the online quote information incorrectly and end up missing discounts that they’re eligible for. It’s always best to speak with a person and see what they can offer you. Don’t just get one quote and buy insurance; you’ll save much more when you shop around. Or you can check out esurance.

Who has the cheapest auto insurance?

Who has the cheapest auto insurance is going to depend on your required coverage, where you live and much more.

What cars have the cheapest auto insurance?

Here’s a list of the cheapest cars to insure:

        • Nissan Versa sedan
        • Chevrolet Spark
        • Mitsubishi Mirage
        • Smart Fortwo
        • Kia Rio
        • Chevrolet Sonic
        • Ford Fiesta sedan
        • Hyundai Accent
        • Toyota Yaris
        • Kia Soul

It’s important to note, that while the cars above may be cheap to insure that’s not everything. The list above is a national list, so some of the cars above may be more expensive for you to insure depending on your area. Do not rely on the list above, or lists like the one above to decide what car to buy. Call your insurance company or get an online quote with the tool above. There are many factors that go into deciding car insurance prices, so it’s impossible to give an answer. One thing is for sure, the more expensive the car, the more expensive your coverage will be.

What’s the best car insurance company? cheapest auto insurance

We have no favorite car insurance company, and you shouldn’t either! Like we mentioned above loyalty to one company can end up costing you big time! Switching insurance companies is usually the best way to save. We recommend getting quotes every year or two from different companies and seeing what they offer you. One important thing to remember is that while some companies may offer cheaper insurance, their customer service may not be top notch. Most states will collect complaints and list them online, for example NJ. Customer service may not seem like a top priority, but you should take it into consideration. Paying a little more for a company that can handle your case in 1 hour is much better then dealing with a company for 10 hours!

Who has the cheapest auto insurance for young drivers?

Just as it is with adults, there is no company that is better than another. Which company will give you the best offer will depend on many circumstances, especially your location, car and coverage required.

How much should I pay for car insurance?

That’s a great question unfortunately there’s no great answer for this. How much we should pay and how much we need to pay don’t usually align. For instance young drivers pay much more then older drivers; while young drivers generally have much less income then older drivers. How much you’ll pay for car insurance will depend on a lot of factors. Someone living in a rural location may spend 3% of their take home pay on insurance, but someone living in a city can easily spend 10% of their take home pay on insurance. Insurance is required by law, so unless you can take transit or bike to work there’s not much you can do about it.

What’s the average cost of car insurance per month?

It’s impossible to estimate. The best way to figure out what your monthly car insurance costs will be is to get a quote from the tool above. There are hundreds of things that insurance companies look at when deciding your insurance rate; so it’s impossible to give you the average cost of car insurance. Even if we gave you the average cost of auto insurance it wouldn’t help you save more on insurance!

How much insurance do I need for my car?

This is a great question, and not asked often enough! How much car insurance you need is going to depend on a few things:

  1. who has the cheapest car insuranceHow much your willing to pay. More coverage will cost more.
  2. Do you have health insurance? Will your health insurance cover you or your family in an accident?
  3. Is you car new, or old? Sometimes paying coverage for an old car doesn’t make sense. If your cars old and you plan on replacing it then you can probably drop some coverage.

That’s it. How much car insurance you need depends on YOU. If you’re a risk averse person then paying for more car insurance is okay, but if you don’t mind some risk to save some money then less insurance is fine. Fortunately their is no wrong choice to make here!

How do I find car insurance companies near me?

The best way to find auto insurance companies near you is to use our quotes tool above. Are tool has data on all the local companies in your area, and will help you compare insurance rates. Another way to find car insurance agencies near you is to look on your state website. Your state website should have a list of all the local auto insurance companies.


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